Artists Using Schoepfers Eyes

12 July, 2012 1 comments Leave a comment

 Many people throughout the lifetime of G Schoepfer Inc. have used eyes in some pretty incredible ways. You will see in the next few pages some of the wonderful modern artists and their creative and beautiful ways they have incorporated Schoepfers Eyes into their pieces.


Laura McCabe incorporates Schoepfers Eyes into her beautiful beadwork,  using prosthetic eyes and 5035 flatback eyes in many of her pieces.  

Nikki Gilbert handcrafts "Spoonies" her one of a kind polymer clay sculptures, fun and beautiful! Nikki crafts her pieces with 5035 flatback eyes and special attic stock from Schoepfers Eyes.

Steve Benson of The Freaks Factory sculpts fantastic characters, including this one; The Lorax displayed at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards The Freaks Factory uses a wide variety of Schoepfers Eyes including the 1001 Blown Glass Special Effect Eyes, as seen in this sculpture of Hugh Laurie as " House" .

Victoria Hammer with Angel Purrs & Puppy Dolls brings added life to her creations by using many different style eyes fro Schoepfer Eyes. Ms Hammer designs pieces with such diversity, from Santa and his Elves to Puss-n-boots with his own antique cat eyes!!

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  1. G,Wallace July 23, 2015

    The first doll eyes I bought came from Schoepfers. I still have a pair of them in my stash somewhere. That was almost 50 years ago now. I soon will be ordering more. When you are revamping 100 year old dolls, you need the best eyes money can buy. The worst thing you can do to a doll is put stationary, cheap, ugly eyes in it. I’ve never seen better than Schoepfers.