Glass Oval Paperweight Doll Eyes with a Human Iris - 1 pair (5035 Series)

These eyes have a flat back, uniform iris and pupil size, and a high quality leaded crystal dome. All pairs are perfectly matched.They are the most popular oval eye we carry, with the realistic iris and consistent size and shape the Flat back Oval Paperweight are very easy to use. The sizes range from 6mm up to 24mm and are very inexpensive for a glass eye. These eyes can be baked and are not easily broken. 5 colors: Blue, Brown, Grey, Green,Violet. The iris is a human style.

Polymer clay pieces will come to life with these beautiful eyes. They bring out the soul of the creation and will never change over time. These eyes are one of the best doll making supplies you can invest in at such a great price. The realistic look of these doll eyes is amazing, the solid glass brings your artwork to a new level of realism.

Each item is sold in Pairs. Measurement is full size of eye.

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