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Hello, I am Amy the Great-Granddaughter of Gustav Schoepfer the originator of G. Schoepfer Inc. the country's' oldest eye company. I am the fourth generation in a family run business since 1907! We have so many antique and unusual items to be used in craft and OOAK projects. Over the years we have gotten calls for eyes to put into art pieces, quilts, wood, clay and of course, dolls. If you have any requests or ideas for me to post feel free to send me an email to amy@schoepferseyes.com.

 G. Schoepfer Inc. has been supplying Glass and Plastic eyes for Dolls, Toys, Teddy Bears, Decoys, Novelties, Special Effects, Figurines, Statuary, Beading and Hobbyists. We have eyes for any and all applications.


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