Measurement Tool and Information

Measuring Eyes:

1.) Take your Ruler, Measuring Tape or Micrometer and Place it at the Interior Area of the Eye Opening.

2.)  Measure out across the opening to the point of the eye closest to the Ear Area.

3.)  Take down the measurement and refer to the Inches to Millimeters Chart below.

3.)  Depending on the look you would like your doll to have, add either one or two Millimeters to the measurement.

4.)  The average size for the eye parts are as follows; The entire size of the eye including the sclera (white part) is the final measurement, half of that size is the size of the Iris (color part) and half of that size is the Pupil size. This is just something to keep in mind when determining the size you would like, some style eyes are have larger Irises while others have larger Pupils but most run in this range.

5.)  If you are doing a "life size" human the size of a human eye can run from a 24mm-28mm, we usually average it to a 26mm eye.

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