Threaded Iris Acrylic Teddy Bear Eyes with a post and washer back - 5pair (1045)

These are Threaded Iris Acrylic Eyes with a post and washer backing, great to use on cloth, bears, dolls, quilting. With No Defects. Great to use on all of your collectibles and antiques!

This item comes in blue with a black pupil, green with a black pupil, red with a black pupil, yellow with a black pupil, pink with a black pupil,  transparent amber with a black pupil, transparent crystal with a black pupil. Not all colors come in every size. These will be a wonderful and easy to use animal eye for your Collectible and Antique Teddy Bear Supplies.
G Schoepfer Inc. the oldest eye company in the USA. I am the fourth generation of this company and we know that this type of item is very useful in not just figurine and doll making, but many other creative arts.

Each item is sold in Pairs. Measurement is full size of eye.

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