Decoy Eye Lenses - Crystal, Amber, Black ~ 800 Series 10 Pair

The Colored Glass Lenses can be found
in the Decoy 900 series.

The lowest per pair price available!
These eyes are sold in lots of 10 pair, 25 pair, 50 pair and 100 pair. The more you buy the lower the pair price is!!!

The more you buy the lower the pair price is!!! Leaded Glass eyes with black pupil,  in Crystal (clear), Amber (beer bottle brown), or all Black. Handmade eyes at a great price. These eyes are perfectly matched with consistent pupil sizes, you will not find flaws in these eyes. Call for availability and price. If you need a price on larger lots, please email or call us at 800-875-6939.
Decoy Carving is a wonderful American and Canadian tradition that can be done by all ages. It is a relaxing way to do something creative and beautiful, at G Schoepfer we always work hard to give our carvers and artists the best quality eye for a great price. These eyes are made from the finest leaded crystal with a consistent size and shape.
To receive a 10 pair, 25 pair, 50 pair, 100 pair price all eyes must be in the same size with the same color. These are a great addition to your wood carving supplies.
Each item is sold in Pairs. Measurement is full size of eye.
3mm Amber and 4mm Amber and 5mm Amber.
If you are looking to restore an Antique Decoy or carving please give us a call, we can search in our Antique Decoy Eye stock and find what the masters have been using for years. Our woodcarving and decoy supplies are high quality, at a low price!