Antique Blown Glass Doll Eyes - 1 pair (1000 Series)

The finest & most authentic glass doll eyes you can find, produced by our founder G. Schoepfer between 1905 & 1935. Suitable for sleep eyes, with beautifully threaded iris. Great for restoration dolls, because these are the true antique eyes that were originally in dolls. Brings the depth and life to your favorite doll! These eyes are full round (shaped like a light bulb) with threading in the iris. If you need a size that is an odd number, order the next size up and send us a note on the order of the size you need them in. 7 colors: Blue, Light Blue, Blue Grey, Dark Blue, Grey, Brown, Green. 

Restore your dolls with real antique eyes, create vintage pieces with true value. German Doll Eyes, Sleep Eyes all can be found here. If you have questions or a special piece you need to restore, please call or email or 800-875-6939. 

Each item is sold in Pairs. Measurement is full size of eye.

* Please Note - During checkout, review your order and make sure the size and color are what you need. We do not have the ability to change your order once you confirm. If you see a mistake on your order and you have confirmed, please email us immediately at



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