Acrylic German Style Oval Doll Eyes - 1 pair (1012)

Good quality Acrylic Oval eye with threaded iris. Oval with a flat back, comes to points on each side. For use in German Style and similar dolls. 4 colors: Blue, Brown, Grey, Green

These Acrylic Oval Eyes are used in many different applications; including ornaments, doll making, teddy bears, OOAK creations the (Eye-Dias) ideas are endless. With a flat back and oval shape they can fit easily into your design.

Oval eyes that are from 8mm to 26mm. These eyes have a flat back are are all easy to use. Doll eyes are the most important piece of your design, bring them to life with these Acrylic Doll Eyes.  Each item is sold in Pairs. Measurement is full size of eye.

Glass and acrylic eyes for dolls and figures, special effect eyes, real looking human eyes, antique doll restoration supplies. Decoy, wildfowl and fish eyes.

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