Acrylic Crystal Top Doll Eyes - Full Round - 1 pair (2010)

Beautiful lightly threaded iris, perfectly matched pairs. An acrylic crystal dome over the iris provides deep appearance. These eyes are full round (shaped like a light bulb) lenses style also available as a half round eye. See description on Questions Page for a difference of the two shapes. Very good quality, best buy for the money. 6 colors: Blue, Lavender, Grey, Green, Dark Brown, Light Brown

Each of G Schoepfer Inc Doll Eyes are matched and sold as pairs. We match eyes and check for high quality in each pair of eyes we sell. We have doll eyes for every artists budget and style. Schoepfers Eyes are the Soul to Your Doll, they bring life to all your creations. 

Doll Making on a tight budget, this is the way to catch the beauty for your Doll. Using these eyes helps the soul of your creation come to life!   Each item is sold in Pairs. Measurement is full size of eye.

* Please Note - During checkout, review your order and make sure the size and color are what you need. We do not have the ability to change your order once you confirm. If you see a mistake on your order and you have confirmed, please email us immediately at



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