How to size for Doll Eyes- Measurement Tools

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Question: I have a doll with an 18″ body with a head the size of a grapefruit, what size eyes do I need to use?

Answer: The size of the doll and the head is not what needs to be measured. The size of the eye opening is the measurement you need.  To do this you need a measurement tool either a ruler, measuring tape, micrometer. Take the dolls head and measure the eye opening from size to size (corner of the eye near the nose, out toward the ear) once you have gotten that measurement it will need to be converted to millimeters.
(see chart below) We usually recommend adding a millimeter or two to that measurement.

Question: What is the difference between a paperweight eye and a blown glass eye?

Answer: Paperweight eyes are a solid glass with a raised iris
(there is a dome of glass on top of the iris like a crystal contact lens) You would not be able to use this for a sleep eye. It gives the doll a deep eye effect and most paperweights have threading in the iris like in a Jumeau or Bru doll. With the exception of the 5035 flatback paperweight which has a
realistic human iris. (See Photo)

Question: What is the difference between a Round and Half Round eye?

Answer: The round eye is similar to a light bulb whereas a half round is like a large contact lens or bowl. (See Photo above)

Question: How much is shipping in the USA?

Answer: We charge 4.00 in the USA first class mail,

7.50 in the USA for Priority Mail.

Orders larger than a Small Priority Mail box will be subject to a higher charge for shipping.

Question: Does G Schoepfer Inc. ship Internationally?

Answer:  Yes, anywhere in the world.

We charge 8.00 International first class mail,

30.00 International Priority Mail. 

Orders larger than a Small Priority Mail box will be subject to a higher charge for shipping.

Question: How do I order something I do not see in your
catalog or online?

Answer: Call G Schoepfer at 800-875-6939 or 203-250-7794 with the size and style of eye you are looking for. We are a 100 year old company, with years of old and antique stock of all types of eyes. If you have seen something like what you want…..chances are, we have it!

If you have any more question please email me at

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